Clip in PA TV calls for non-violent struggle against Israel

In the last day, web surfers disseminate a video clip, that has been broadcast on PA TV channel “Palestine”, and which implies the necessity of using non-violent means in the struggle against Israel.

The song highlights the importance of agriculture in the national struggle.

Here are some of the song’s lines:

Grow olives, lemons and apples,

Our revolution is a peaceful one, we are being called terrorists,

Our resistance is legitimate, without arms.

The clip shows the daily encounter between Palestinians and Israeli armed forces, and also the pastoral landscape of the Palestinian village and agriculture.

Some of the surfers react angrily to the clip. For example, one tweet interprets it as an attempt to brainwash future generations by teaching them that armed resistance is terrorism. Another tweet responds mockingly by saying that an apples crate has been launched towards Tel-Aviv.

And there is one tweet which describes the clip as a vile song, and attacks the “channel of Oslo gang” for broadcasting it.

In this spirit, Gazan pro-Hamas Shihab News agency claims that Palestinian Authority replaces arms with apples.